A Folding Chair

Mathias Bruun Christensen
Education degree
School of Design

About the project

My approach to this master thesis project originates in my interest in industrial design as well as my enthusiasm for the craft aspect of making furniture. The project is based on the original ideas behind the danish furniture foundation FDB, including well-known names such as Hans J. Wegner and Børge Mogensen, interpreted in a contemporary context and with a future aim. Based on the mindset of FDB in the 50s and 60s, I will revive the idea of creating quality furniture for the average dane.

"One of the finest virtues of industrial design is that a product must be easy to be interpreted, without further explanation."

Further explanation

My proposal is a folding chair that maintains a high level of quality, and has the status of being permanent and robust. The vision is to change the status the folding chair. The most common versions of the folding chair are essentially designed to be pulled out when needed, and packed away as quickly as possible, and so to speak, they are often visually noisy. Therefore I think it is relevant to create a folding chair that has an expression of quality, and has the feeling of being more permanent rather than temporary and fleeting.

The chair turns its functional mechanism into an aesthetic feature. When folding and unfolding the chair the aesthetic feature even becomes an auditive value. The mechanical sliding system, that locks the chair in respectively folded and expanded position, provides the user with a gently “click” to inform and confirm the position – folded and prepared to be taken aside, or expanded and ready to be used!

Speaking of the overall design and form language the chair holds a minimalistic and honest expression. Solid and steady, yet simple and clean. One could even say, that the shape and materials possesses hidden nods to the old danish masters.


The chair in studio


The chair at the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK)

About Mathias Bruun Christensen


Through my educational programme first at The Danish Designschool, and subsequently at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, School of Design I have gained a great knowledge in industrial design as well as furniture design.

Key competencies and skills

3D Studio Max

Research and analysis
Fieldwork and interviews
Process and method
Concept development
Modelling and prototyping

Expert skills in wood workshop

Work experience

September 2011 - January 2012
Trainee - internship / Amsterdam, Netherlands / www.uxus.com 

January 2011 - Present
Rezet Sneaker Store
Co-founder / Copenhagen, Denmark / www.rezetstore.dk


October 2012 - March 2013
Københavns Tekniske Skole
Cabinet maker's basic course / Copenhagen, Denmark / www.kts.dk 

September 2011 - June 2014
The Royal Danish Acedemy of Fine Arts, School of Design
Master in Industrial Design / Copenhagen, Denmark / www.kadk.dk

September 2008 - June 2011
DKDS, The Danish Designschool
BA in Industrial Design / Copenhagen, Denmark / www.dkds.dk

January 2008 - June 2008
VERA, School of art and design
Preparing courses, Design / Copenhagen, Denmark / www.veraskole.dk