Hotel & Lab. New Nordic - Translation the new nordic kitchen manifesto

Miki Morita
Education degree
School of Architecture
Study programme
Spatial Design
A Bird's eye view and concept graphic
Interior Visualization of Restaurant & Lab.

New Nordic Lab. / Hotel New Nordic

This project is for the new Nordic hotel and culinary laboratory on Sejerø, where is famous for the music festival and good weather, but unnoticeable about good farming.

It’s based on the manifesto translated from the New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto into a design language and developed into a whole architectural and experiential design.

Under this manifesto, like a creating new Nordic dish, I design this architecture using local materials, thinking about Nordic seasons and light and coexisting the new and old, Nordic and the world impulse.

The layers of architectural materials of wall make the adjustable interior environment and usages depending on a season.

And I also imagine this "new nordic" concept can be applied not to only at nordic area, but also on all over the world, like a new Arabic, a new African... if there is the food and culture, to find their own modern idea for the architecture.

Research at winter Sejerø
Translation example from food into architecture world
The sun chart and positioning of functions
The seasonal change of building positions
The composition of architectural materials
The seasonal change of the layer and usage of space

Program - before design