Infinite - Porcelain and brass

Wenbo Deng
Education degree
School of Design
Study programme
Ceramic Design

‘Imagine how the world would seem if you were a really tiny person, like an elf.’ - Junya Ishigami


Different people have different understanding of infinite. It relates to our religion and mentality. As being a sophisticated concept, which is hard to define, we are unable to use any quantification of infinite. 

The object is a miniature object which inspired by porcelain figures history. In China we have the similar figures collection, but it made by gold. So I choose to combine metal and porcelain. It presents my fantasy world – it is infinite, you can organize and planning everything yourself, so it is a kind of way to talking with myself and the different feeling of “stand” inside building it and stand out overview it is quite different. The pieces translates immaterial, invisible, untouchable, and infinite senses and states to viewers. It combines the quality of various materials and their characteristics to present the infinite states in a few different understandings. 

My focus is to define immateriality by using materiality and explore it in a visible object through time, space and religion. As I operate in this project, I use natural light as an element to explore material expressions, imitation, and soft/hard illusion, to immaterialize the materials.


As an elf, which inspired by the experience of feeling lost in a forest which was my first time feeling infinite. Since, if we walk in a forest without focal position, we first feel lost and if our sight without focal point we will feel dizzy. Therefor in my design I create a forest which you can overview. In my “forest”, you can feel infinite, and when you are lost inside, you can find “me” in this forest as an elf and I’m a trigger to leave this forest and leave this infinite as well. I explored my forest in two direction, inside and outside which discuss the depth for space.


Dripping is relate by time as a system. Life is limited, but we are unable to view next second. Future is infinite for us. Can we stop the time? I was also inspired by the way of counting time by water clock. I stopped one moment as a water drop in my work. Then, when this drop falling in the water, it leaves a mark on the water surface. They are the moment over past. We are in the infinite stage for them.


Island tree is inspired by the map, as if we lived in an island. When I was a kid before seeing a map, I thought the city I lived is the whole world. After I grew up, I realize I am just a tiny person in this entire world, and the world is infinite. In my object I translated this limited and infinite feeling to intergrate with my concept

As an elf
Island tree