Aikaterini Efraimoglou
Education degree
School of Architecture
Study programme
Architecture and Extreme Environments

This project, called ‘Knitting Iceland’, challenges the idea of merging three different programmatic themes together; the themes of fabrication, research and habitation, within  the programmatics of a hybrid building, in a small Icelandic town, Vik.

Looking back at traditional ways people have been usng wool, the intention of this thesis is to explore and challenge the way wool can be utilized as an innovative material in architecture in both a creative and sustainable approach,  by exploring material boundaries and suggesting new formal & spatial languages, that can enrich our build nvironment and living experience. 


How can we challenge the defined perception we have of the architectural elements, each having different functions, serving different needs, having their own space, by bring together an interior to an exterior space, a furniture to a wall, the soft world of wool to architecture?

In that sense, considering that the building envelope is comparable to clothing for people, the aim of the project is not to manifest itself through the use of wool as purely design architectural or insulation material component separated the one to the other. It is the aim of the project though, to explore these ideas, seeking for their interendependencies, that can challenge a more resilient, behavioural and atmospheric architecture, through an holistic design approach.


Cross Section
South Elevation
Long Section