Life after religion - a place to be

Anna-Sophia Brune
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School of Architecture
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Spatial Design

One of the greatest wishes built into the human psyche is the desire for freedom. Countless individuals, in Denmark and abroad, who have spent most or all their lives, in religious conservative communities/countries, wish that freedom. But they are faced with the overwhelming task of having no choice but to move into a culture they are completely unprepared for. 

Most have educational gaps, lack a social network and/or the experience necessary to live in what we take for granted as a ‘normal’ society. Young adults who chose to leave these isolated environments share a similar reaction to the disengagement and suffer from depression, heightened aggression, mourning or sadness as they experience the loss of all they have known.





"I often dream about moving far away. This life is to hard. It's difficult to be the only one who comes forward, but if we are more, it may be that sometime in the future it will no longer be dangerous to break with Islam." 

Haifa - Information 28.02.15








To design an optimal spatial environment with a main motive of bringing these diverse groups together. A physical framework where support can be provided for in 3 areas: Emotional, Practical and Social support.

 A building which stimulates curiosity about the function of the place and initiates dialogue.

A threshold between their isolated background and an unknown society with the information and assistance required.

A framework for support and guidance. This provides hope and through understanding, replaces the individual’s feelings of shame & wish for anonymity by presenting an open, visible, easy accessible house where the feeling of being safe is provided primarily by being surrounded by others in a similar situation.


Could joining individuals across religions present an environment for mutual understanding and tolerance?



"I was born. I grew up. I escaped" 

Anonymous - Exscientologykids

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