Body Gloss

Lene Nymark
Education degree
School of Design


Body Gloss is a Womenswear A/W collection of 7 outfits and 2 pieces of accessories.

The mood and concept is inspired by codes found in female and masculine appearance, where the interaction between body language and nonverbal dress codes, are used to express our identity and gender visual.

The choice of construction and material selection are based on traditional stereotypes and recognizable perceptions of what describes masculine of feminine fragments. The shape is a combination of fittet and oversized silhouettes, and the selection of materials are a mix of  wool, silk, leather, mesh and TPU plastic. Molded leather pieces, shaped from female body parts, are integrated into the silhouettes. Furthermore lasercuttet leather and bonding of different types of textiles has been used to enhance the movement, tactility, body and shape.

The goal for this collection is to move, twist and push classic and recognizable conceptions, so new interaction occur and results in moving traditional gender elements in a new headed direction.