All maxed out and ready to go

Maja Skjøth Hegelund
Education degree
School of Design
Study programme
Graphic Communication Design

Maxing out

"The markers of individuality are so plentiful and regenerate so quickly that it’s impossible to keep up" (K-hole on Maxing out 2013)

Maxing out is a term used when a weightlifter, reaches his physical limit or when the spending limit is reached, on a credit card. Maxing out also describes an abundance, in contemporary image culture, where images are constantly passed around, edited and trashed.


Design problem

  • How does the idea of Maxing out, impose itself, on visual culture?
  • How does Maxing out, affect the value of aesthetics?
  • How can this state be depicted in words and visuals, via three headlines?



This Project is a visual and textual abstraction of maxed out image culture, in 2015, working with three descriptive sub-themes; Blog Bitches, Drug Snitches / Pastel Paved Scuba State / Young Celeb, Tired Web. 

The outcome of the project is the book Phallic Fitness Nightclub, meant to question and admire maxed out culture and question its own nature as design object and member of visual culture in 2015.