Margaret Waiyego Zollinger
Education degree
School of Design
Study programme
Textile Design

One of a kind is an experimental research on analog printing techniques resulted in various textile panels for the architectural space. From the interpretation of the visual nature of marble and granite, each pattern evolves from several crafted layers and thus reflects its uniqueness. In a world in which designs are arbitrary and textiles are produced in masses, One of a kind with its hand-carved patterns sets in for a mindful consumption and production.

Serpentine Marble
Vert des Aples - France

serpentine marble hand print screen printed textile design Copenhagen

Hand printed on Cotton Organdy

The pattern was created by five prints. The final layer is an imprint of the print paste which was spread on a sheet. This print technique was developed through experiments. The crips material has a nice touch of classic elegance and creates generouse pleats. Aqua nuances provides privacy while allowing in maximum light. 

Making of... 
Serpentine Marble 

Original Serpentine Marble from Vers des Alpes - France
Creating an analogue film by distributing wood chips on the glass table before exposing the screen
Rolled print paste on plastic sheet to create an unique imprint
Putting pressure on print and subtracting the plastic sheet (imprint)
Detail picture of final piece
Samples displaying several steps of the experimental phase
Samples displaying several steps of the experimental phase
Samples displaying several steps of the experimental phase



Smaland Granite 
Smaland - Sweden

Smaland granite hand printed textile design screen print Copenhagen

Hand printed textile on Devoré

The grainy and crystalline surface of the beautiful red speckled granite appears like flowers embedded on a mossy forest ground. I used a natural sponge to create this rhythmic dotted surface. The half-transparent Devoré gives the room an airy atmosphere. It filters incoming light and also protects the privacy. 

Making of...  
Smaland Granite 

Original Smaland Granite - Sweden
Detail picture of final piece
Textile with burn paste - textile after the burn out
Close up of the procedure
Stamping the red dots
Dried pigments - preparation for the crystalline dots
Samples showing the different experiments which were needed to create the final piece



Paonazetto Marble 
Provincia di Massa  - Italy

Paonazetto marble hand printed textile Copenhagen

Hand printed using water color technique on Cotton Sateen

The fines dark veins running through the pale rose marble are specifique for its appearance. It therefore was important for me to achive cracks which evolves by themself. By breacking casted plaster panells, I got authentique cracks. The blurred lines are created by printing on a wet textile surface. 

Making of...  
Paonazetto Marble 

Original Paonazetto Marble Column
Detail picture of final piece
Detail picture of final piece
Detail picture of final piece
Pouring plaster into the frame - Smoothing the surface
Dopping the dried plaster panel to create authentic cracks
Joining the cracked parts back to original panel shape
Spraying into the cracks
Extracting the film for the screen print
Wetten the printed surface to maintain the evolving of nicely blurred lines



Onyx Marble 
Chagai - Pakistan

Onyx Marble Pakistan hand printed textile design Copenhagen

Hand printed textile on Cotton Sateen

Prized for its exotic and vibrant qualities, Onyx Marble is a beautiful natural stone with a sense of elegance and eye catching. By developping a new print technique of marbling, I achieved to print the classical fluid smooth pattern on cotton textile. Due to the contrarity of the textile's dry grip and the curvy pattern it receives its unique look. 

Making of...  
Onyx Marble 

Original Onyx Marble - Pakistan
Close up + detail picture of final piece
Detail picture of final piece - Foam
Process picture of foam print
Template laid on the textile ready for printing
Samples displaying several steps of the experimental phase



Unterberger-Hell Marble 
Unterberg - Austria

Unterberger-Hell Marble hand printed textile design Copenhagen

Hand printed textile on Cotton Sateen

The delicate little dots lend the Unterberger light marble its typical appearance. With the help of spray bottles I reinterpreted its structure on textile. Adhesive tapes can be used to create a variety of patterns. During the production process the classical striped pattern on a medium solid satin creates horizontal curves, an exciting phenomenon of the interplay between material properties.

Making of...  
Unterberger-Hell Marble 

Original Unterberger-Hell Marble - Austria
Vertically mounted piece
First spray layer
Second spray layer - Detail picture of final piece
Speckling bigger dots
Pulling of the tape
Samples displaying several steps of the experimental phase



Stone rocks

Sketches of composing the stone patterns into a specifique surface. 

Using photographs of the samples, I tried out different arrangement. My inspiration for the composition was based on my observation of the floor and wall decoration of the Eremitage in St. Petersburg, Torvaldsens and Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. 

My research focus was given to the decorative arrangement of the stones within the different rooms, the ratio of the floor decor to the room, to the ceiling and to the walls, stone size, the proportion of the stone flags and their geometrical shapes and clean lines.

In 2017-2019, KADK is working with the UN sustainable development goals
This is reflected in our research, teaching and the students’ projects. This project relates to the following UN goal(-s):
Responsible consumption and production (12)