Poetic instructions in heart-massage

Sofie Holm Larsen
Education degree
School of Design
Study programme
Graphic Communication Design

On average 10 people a day suffer from heart attacks in Denmark. The survival rate can be more than doubled if civilians take action and provide heart massage but many of us still hesitate.

In a short graphic and illustrative animation, this project adresses the barriers against helping such as modesty, anxiety of doing something wrong and doubt if it really is a heart attack. 

The animation combines a directing poetic content and language. It aims to show controversial elements, such as the symptoms of a heart attack and a woman resuscitating a man via mouth-to-mouth. This helps to identify and prepare us for the situation in a motivating, and realistic way. The design of a simple narrative and visual language contributes to an informal appeal that gives hope and simple directions.   



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Premise and process