Saltern of Tanga

Emi Jean Bryan
School of Architecture
Study programme
Architecture and Extreme Environments

The project’s main aim is to find an identity for the mid-sized port city of Tanga in Tanzania via industrial means. The objective will be focused on using existing resources responsibly, setting an example of traditional-inspired architecture along with climate sensitive solutions for the hot-humid tropics.

Design exploration will take place along the coast in reach of the city centre. A careful insertion of industry into the city will act as a catalyst for employment on many strata of society. It will also encourage community living for those directly involved, and a long term vision as supposed to creating seasonal work.

The project seeks to challenge current ideas of climate-sensitive design and the ancient history surrounding the industry in salt-making; its practices, rituals and development, asking if it is possible, in a place of relatively little resources or infrastructure, to use these methods to create an urban manufacturing network.

Situation plan of salt pans and manufacturing infrastructure
Harvesting salt from pans 4:30am
walking through the brine condensers