Solair, air cleaning system for the third world

Christopher Paul Pilgrim
Education degree
School of Design
Study programme
Industrial Design

Around the globe, more than 2 billion people cook over an open fire everyday. The smoke created when cooking accumulates to 22% of the annual emission of Co2 worldwide.

At the same time, the people inhaling the toxic smoke die.

Every minute 8 people die from inhaling the toxic smoke created when cooking over an open fire.

That is 480 people a hour, 11.520 people a day and 4.204.800 million people a year.

This is more then AIDS, Malaria and tuberoses combined.

This must change! and Solair could be the solution.
The creation of the concept
Eksploded view
Tec drawing
Tesla battery pack
3D rendering from the top
3D rendering from the bottom
SolAir mounted on the roof
The UNICEF flyer front
The UNICEF flyer back