Signe Karin Fensholt
Education degree
School of Design
Study programme
Ceramic Design

Like a choreographer, I make the materials perform. I set the stage and let the materials and the fire unfold the power and poetry bound to the ceramic process.

In my work the act of creation is still present.

Transformation is trapped in form.

Traditionally ceramic glaze is a surface on an object. In my work the glaze is creating a shape itself. The dynamic qualities of the melting glaze are revealed by a man-made shape - an edge, a direction, an order.

In the meeting between two creative principles, on the one hand the designed construction an on the other hand the imprint of natural forces, we are recognizing the ability of the ceramic glaze to move, to transform and to take a shape. 

Substantial qualities of the glaze is getting visible.

The mass becomes present as a SUBSTANCE