Thermal [Mass] Customisation

Lyn Seung Poon
Education degree
School of Architecture
Study programme
Computation in Architecture

Thermal [mass] Customisation

Speculative exploration into designing with material energies

  • This research aims to question how thermal energy is conceived and controlled within architecture.
  • It develops and explores designing a system of elements and their fabrication process.
  • The research uses the latest technology from FLIR for critical analysis.


Observing the environment, it is evident that we operate in a nonuniform manor, yet we often design using standards and averages. Current approaches to thermal control empahise standard range of values; however these can only ever be averages. My research aims to envisage and prototype an alternative architectural application for understanding thermal mass.
Within this framework and through the application of thermal mass; the interest departs from the ability for materials to absorb and release energy at different rates. This notion builds on the engagement with the opportunity to create a heterogeneous ecology of environments which can steer or prolong activities in the public realm. The understanding and reinterpretation of thermal transfer, sourcing energy and distribution rates drives the investigation into the symbiotic and parasitic opportunities that can be utilised in our built environment.
Investigating designing through the methodology of developing a systems logic and fabrication processes; the attitude towards designing for mass customization and ‘versioning’ will be explored.

The network system
Detail section of module showing transfer principles
Summer scenario
Winter scenario
Scenario Section
Transfer strategies and principles
Modules massing strategies and principles
Epidermis strategies and principles
Fabrication for mass customisation/multi material
Fabrication for 'versioning' / mass customisation
Multi material fabrication_3d plaster print + aluminium casting
Detail of surface bonding\texture of multi material fabrication
aluminium casting internal pipe network
No pre heating 3D printed plaster modules before aluminium casting
single material 3D plaster printing_epidermis layer
single material 3D plaster printing
3D plaster printed modules with casting spout
setup for pre heating 3D plaster prints before aluminium casting
single material 3D plaster printed modules
Heat registrations on surface_aluminium casting_3D plaster printing
Comparision_ 3D dual material plastic printing and 3D plaster print
Heat registrations on 3D plaster prints_casting internal aluminium pipes
Detail of surface finish_3D plaster print_aluminium casting

kadk citastudio thesis collaborating with FLIR

Thermal [Mass] Customisation_ Thesis Final Exam_CITAstudio_KADK