"Ull er Føroya Gull" - "Wool is the Gold of the Faroes"

Ragnhild Højgaard
Education degree
School of Design
Study programme
Textile Design

The title of this graduation project "Ull er Føroya Gull" derives from a old faroese saying, echoing from pre-industrial times. The unique Faroese sheep has traditionally been a valued natural resource in the faroese household. Up until the industrialization the material has has been utilized for centuries. Today though, despite being an excellent and beautiful raw material, the wool is burned and not put to use.

This graduation project is thus a study on how to revitalize use of the Faroese wool in a sustaniable way. The project investigates and explores the potential use of the material, focusing on the aesthetic and functional properties of the Faroese wool, resulting in a collection of three rugs. The natural colours of the wool, are twisted and blended in tufted surfaces and woven designs that emphasize the wool's very special material character and fine shades.

A simple and classic design, with a raw and refined look
A nice calm design for a seating area, by a sofa or armchair
Handwoven runner 100% faroese wool
In 2017-2019, KADK is working with the UN sustainable development goals
This is reflected in our research, teaching and the students’ projects. This project relates to the following UN goal(-s):
Responsible consumption and production (12)
Life on land (15)