Urban Waste Land: re-Inhabiting Idle Space

Gemma Toner
Education degree
School of Architecture
Study programme
Urbanism & Societal Change

Dublin’s urban waste land phenomenon has its genesis in obsession with the myopic and individualistic pursuit of land ownership and the ignorance of the value of land for a healthy and humane society. Due to irresponsible speculation, Dublin’s inner city sites have remained underdeveloped or derelict, new land was acquired and exploited leading to limitless sub-urban sprawl, inadequate infrastructure and a fragmented, dysfunctional urban environment – a wasteland.

This project aims to identify the problems and potentials caused by vacant and derelict spaces within Dublin City’s Docklands. To consider a strategy to develop these problematic areas with regard to community intervention and appropriate functionality and to implement these findings in an adaptive reuse prototype within the Docklands area.