KADK regularly prepare Annual reports, Employment reports and reports about the Accreditation of the three programmes. These reports are only made in Danish.

If you have questions regarding the content of these reports you are welcome to contact us.

Beside that, we have reports about the Research evaluation of the three schools. These papers are in English.   


Research evaluation of the three schools

The School of Architecture

In 2012-2013 the School of Architecture was subject to an external research evaluation for the period 2005-2010.

The purpose of the evaluation was to obtain an objective and independent assessment of the quality of the overall production of research and artistic practice in an international perspective.

> Research evaluation for the School of Architecture

The School of Design

In 2010 the School of Design's research was evaluated and approved in a research evaluation process.

> Evaluation Report for the School of Design's research 

The School of Conservation

In 2000 the School of Conservation underwent an evaluation of their research activities for the period 1989-1999 with an international, external evaluation panel.

> Research evaluation for the School of Conservation