Conference: Design Anthropological Futures

The Design Anthropological Futures conference took place from the 12th to the 15th of August 2015. It explored future-making from a design anthropological perspective. Here you can explore the material from the conference. 

The concept of futures relates both to the creation of visions and practices of the possible through transformative processes of anthropology and design, and to the exploration of new frontiers for the field of design anthropology.

Design anthropology is an emerging transdisciplinary field, which is enjoying growing attention in recent years. In an interconnected world where the boundaries between physical, social and digital environments become increasingly challenged, the conventional distinctions between social science and design research no longer hold. The conference explored different perspectives on design anthropology as a holistic and critical approach to complex everyday and societal issues, with the aim of creating potential futures with diverse communities and stakeholders.

With a starting point in a forthcoming book based on a selection of papers (to be made available to the participants) prepared under the auspices of the Research Network for Design Anthropology (2013-2015) the conference addressed future concerns in design anthropology, and its particular approaches to futures-in-the-making through two keynote speeches, four thematic discussions and an exhibition space for workshops on emerging design anthropological practices.

Video stream of Design Anthropological Futures Conference

The conference was live streamed via Bambuser, and the streams are now archived below.


Opening Keynote: Alison Clarke

Discussion 1: Ethnographies of the Possible

Discussion 2: Interventionist Speculation

Discussion 3: Collaborative Formation of Issues

Discussion 4: Things in the Making

Closing Keynote: George Marcus