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On the architecture programmes, you will meet 900 committed students, all focused on architecture in all its various aspects. The education ranges in scale from urban planning to design, and you can concentrate on a wealth of themes: urban planning, landscape, restoration, sustainability, furniture and lighting design, design with the use of IT, architecture policy etc.

Project-based learning

As a student of architecture, your work is very much project-based. This means that tuition is centred around a specific project, based on a programme, which indicates where, when and what, but not how. The “how” is up to you. You draw, write and build models. You develop ideas, explore options and disseminate.

Students in the workshop

Independent studies
You learn by doing, constantly expanding your knowledge and understanding of architecture. This involves being an active part of a vibrant and fast-paced academic environment. You must be capable of planning your time and your various tasks. Working hours are often long. What you get out of your studies is very dependent on what you put into the projects. And you must find your own way of doing things.

You will be part of an institute, where you are given your own desk. The institute organises the tuition and provides you with constant guidance. The dialogue with your teachers and fellow students is a central part of the education.

You will also experience teaching in the form of criticism and reviews, in which you make presentations to your team and your supervisors. There are lecture series, workshops, internships and study trips.