Seminar 2: Interventionist Speculation (August 2014)

Seminar 2: Interventionist Speculation took place at the School of Design, Copenhagen on August 14-15, 2014. Design is evidently centered on intervention due to its focus on creating attractive visions for the future, but anthropology too, is essentially intervening in the worlds and lives of the people under study. Interventions in experimental design research are increasingly viewed as an action research method, which enables new forms of experience, awareness, and dialogue to emerge.

Interventionist speculation appears as a productive line of connection between design and anthropology. What happens when conventional design methods such as sketching, visualization and prototyping are used to raise new ethnographic questions? Can the particular staging of new possibilities be seen as a new mode of ethnographic inquiry into people’s concerns, aspirations, and imaginative horizons? How can interventions serve as a research method, i.e. as a proper occasion for knowledge production?

Papers and Pecha Kuchas
The working papers and Pecha Kuchas presented at this seminar are available here:

Jamer Hunt: What is a System and Why Can’t you Touch it?

Rachel Charlotte Smith and Ton Otto: Scaffolding Emergent Futures: Intervention in Design Anthropology

Laura Forlano: Ethnographic Encounters/Design Interventions

Karen Waltorp: #TheInventionofFutures@the edge of society (PechaKucha)

Kakee Scott: Designerly economics (PechaKucha)

Eva Brandt: When Design Games and Ethnography meet (PechaKucha)

Stine Maria Louring Nielsen: Staging atmosphere in design anthropology (PechaKucha)

Tim Ingold: Design Anthropology Is Not, and Cannot Be, Ethnography

Zoy Anastassakis: Interventions, speculations and correspondences between design and anthropology in the city: a carioca experience

Tine Damsholt & Morten Krogh Petersen: Everyday life as always already problematized and (at times) problematizing: towards a new division of labour between ethnography and design

Keith Murphy: The Pull of the Push: The Ethics of Designing Ethnographic Encounters

Sissel Olander: Some aspects and characteristics of design anthropology as a post-critical practice

Dagny Stuedahl: Imaginations of future science communication in science centers

Lene Hald: A Designerly Approach to Visual Field Engagement (PechaKucha)

Catharina Thiel & Lena Thulstrup Jensen: Design intervention to help exhibition communicators at Experimentarium, Science Centre, develop an exhibition on health for families, enabling behavioural change (PechaKucha)

Søsser Brodersen, Hanne Lindegaard & Signe Pedersen: Mobilization of vulnerable actors through interventions; full-scale mock-ups as mediators (PechaKucha)

Aditya Pawar: Dialectic futures (PechaKucha)

Melissa Cefkin: Temporalities of Intervention in Designing Work

Tau Ulv Lenskjold: Robot interventions and 'alien ethnographies’: Speculations about robots as design anthropological enquiry machines

Carl DiSalvo: Speculative Interventions as Inquiry