KADK's Board approved in 2012 a vivid vision and new strategic framework for KADK's activities under the heading "Shaping the future."

While the Vision creates the future we wish to shape, our Strategy indicates the way we will get there. The focus is on our candidates and the three key domains of knowledge, which can be summarised in the strategy

We will strengthen the international and professional profiles of our graduates with an approach based on research, art and practice. We will develop a context, which promotes a link between the three domains of knowledge.

We presents the Strategy in 11 strategy packages, which, between 2013 and 2015, will strengthen our DNA - research, art and practice - and create the very best environment for the processes, which will ensure that we continue to produce graduates and generate word-class knowledge.


Enhanced core professionalism and interdisciplinary synergy in an international context

1) Enhanced core professionalism and solid research environments

2) Interdisciplinary synergy by new knowledge alliances

3) International knowledge and expertise


Intensified artistic profile and culture-bearing responsibilities

4) Visible artistic profile and artistic research practice

5) Vibrant artistic/cultural campus environment


Education and research in closer dialogue with practice and profession

6) Closer dialogue with practice and profession

7) Model for postgraduate courses

New settings

Three schools in new internal structures - within an internationally positioned KADK

8) New academic structure 

9) Enhanced visibility

10) Development of quality

11) A joint administrative unit under the aegis of the State


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