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The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design provides an intensive and diverse educational programme, which guarantees your growth as a designer. We provide you with a high degree of individual guidance and inspiration, so you can develop as a professional, holistic and innovative designer.

Project-based learning
As a design student you will be one of 600 peers, encountering a spectrum of other creative disciplines on a daily basis. You will work in intensive courses and encounter teachers, researchers and guest lecturers from all over the world in your daily network. Throughout your education, you will also have close contact with commercial companies, other educational institutions, politicians, the corporate world and the design industry.

Independent studies
The academic environment is characterised by intense commitment. Our students win prizes, participate in collaborations and international development projects, so even during their studies are helping to design small chunks of a new world.

You yourself take a great deal of the responsibility for playing an active role in a vibrant and fast-paced academic environment. You must be capable of planning your time and your various tasks. Working hours are often long. What you get out of your studies is very dependent on what you put into the projects. And you must find your own way of doing things.

You will be attached to a institute, where you are given your own desk. The institute’s programmes organise the teaching and provide you with constant guidance. The dialogue with your teachers and fellow students is a central part of the education - including across years. There will also be tuition in the form of workshops, commercial projects, lecture series, practice and study trips.