Vision, Mission and Values

In 2012 KADK’s board adopted a vibrant vision and a new strategic structure for KADK’s activities, under the title ‘Shaping the future’.

We are known internationally for the high quality of our science, art and teaching. Our vision is:

KADK wishes to be internationally recognised as the leading Nordic academy within the fields of architecture, design and conservation.

Our mission is to produce graduates and knowledge to shape our future, society and cultural heritage, springing from a unique match between reseach, practice and artistic research. 

This should happen in an international campus environment with workshops, drawing board teaching and project-based education.

KADK’s graduates should be characterised by their awareness of how a special Nordic approach to form can be developed and transformed into new contexts. We want our graduates to enter the world with analytical, methodical and artistic skills, which empowerthem to create, transform and preserve the society and culture of tomorrow.


"As an institution of higher education, it is the task of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,  Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK) to provide artistically and academically based education in architecture, design, conservation and restoration to the very highest level, while promoting development and encouraging research in the fields of architecture, design, crafts, conservation and restoration.”

 (Executive order for institutions of higher artistic education, No. 465 of 8 May 2013.)


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK) is founded on a number of strong, interconnected values.

Strong traditions

KADK builds on the three, historically well-anchored schools. They have developed the preservation of culture and nature, and the design of physical objects and environments to internationally recognised standards.

Quality at the highest level

At KADK we strive for the highest quality in both teaching and the production of knowledge within the fields of architecture, design and conservation.

Art and research on equal footing

At KADK we base the development of new knowledge both on research and artistic research, in constant dialogue with professional practitioners.

Innovation and exploration of new fields

We continuously explore new fields across: art, science and practice, promoting innovation and engendering both cultural and practical issues to support the profession’s need for new knowledge.

Individual learning both in theory and practice

Our education is based on a combination of theory and practice. A substantial part of the teaching takes place at the drawing board and in workshops, and in joint presentations and academic seminars in small units of teachers and students.

International vision

At KADK our students and staff develop their skills in dialogue with an international environment to ensure a constant elevation of quality in our activities.

Clear leadership with great academic freedom

At KADK we believe that clear leadership combined with a substantial degree of freedom in our academic environments are the foundation for both satisfaction and the creation of great value.

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