Architectural Lighting Lab

School of Architecture

Architectural Lighting Lab consists of facilities for the study of daylight and artificial lighting and is used by students, teachers and researchers. Companies can also hire the daylight laboratory and book the services of a consultant.

The facilities include a daylight laboratory with adjacent model workshop, together with two study spaces where one can study daylight in 1:1. The laboratory is a mirror room with an artificial sun, which makes it possible to see how the sun illuminates and creates parallel shadows at different times of the day and year. The mirror room consists of a bright sky and diffuses the light like a CIE standard sky.

In the two study rooms one can work with the influx of light from large windows, mobile walls and the staging of large scale mock-ups. The laboratory also contains a light source and fixture collection, which is used in studies, tests and the examination of lighting conditions.

The workshop’s staff offer students guidance in building observation models, examining the model methodically and addressing an architectural lighting concept.