Glass and Ceramics Workshop, Bornholm

School of Design

The School of Design's Craft Programme - Glass and Ceramics on Bornholm is built around one of Europe's small, but leading educational environments in the fields of glass and ceramics. The programme takes place in the school at Nexø on the island of Bornholm. 

Designskolen Bornholm

The workshops provide a living incubator for teaching, research and experiments of high quality, which attract visitors from all over the world and bring new perspectives to the area.

Students, teachers and researchers can work here on ceramics on every conceivable scale and with both cold and hot glass. The workshops, which are closely related to the number of students admitted, can accommodate approx. 70 working students. 

The ceramics studio contains kilns for the production of ceramics on every conceivable scale, potter's wheels, glazing area and casting space for the casting of plaster moulds. The glass workshop contains kilns for processing hot glass, sanding, wax/Gelflex space for the processing of moulding materials, window glass and engraving, while the two workshops share plaster rooms and a small wood assistance workshop and photographic facilities.

The workshops are staffed by teachers and workshop staff, who ensure that students receive a solid knowledge of craftsmanship for work with materials,techniques, forms and methods, and can help to develop the subjects.

Meet a Student from Ceramics at The School of Design, Bornholm
Meet a Student from Glass at The School of Design, Bornholm