Roland Academy – 3D Workshop

School of Design

In the Roland-Academy Workshop the students, teachers and researchers at KADK - School of Design can access a range of CNC equipment for 3D prototyping and production of 3D moulds.


The workshop consist of 9 Windows PC’s and a 3D laser-scanner, which can export 3D-scan-data as 3D Polygon Meshes for further processing in e.g. Rhinoceros, Autodesk Meshmixer and 3dsmax.

The workshop includes an A1 cutter-plotter, six iM-01 iModela CNC micro-milling machines and two MDX-540 CNC milling machines, which makes it easier to “bridge the gap” between an idea of a 3D form and apprehending the same as a physical, tangible object.

Rather advanced organic design can be developed by combining moulds created with CNC-milling with e.g. vacuum-forming at KAM or the Wood-Workshop. Examples of this and some of the materials used are also present at Roland-Academy, making it a knowledge “hot-spot” and resource.

The equipment in Roland-Academy has been sponsored by the Japanese company, Roland Digital Group (Nordic) since 2008, and it has since been an active part of several (interdisciplinary) research-projects and studio-projects at KADK.

Roland-Academy is managed by the research-staff at Institute of Architecture and Design and Institute of Product Design.