The School of Conservation's workshops and laboratories

School of Conservation

The School of Conservation has a number of well-equipped laboratory and workshop facilities, which are included in the education of conservators and ensure research into the preservation of our common cultural and natural heritage at the highest level. 

Each department has its own workshops and laboratories

Each of the School of Conservation’s five departments has one or more workshops and laboratories, where a great deal of learning takes place. 

Common chemistry laboratory

The School has a well-equipped chemistry laboratory, which is used by all students in the School. The laboratory has microscopes, ageing equipment, an SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). HPLC and other relevant equipment.

Material tests

The School has a climate-controlled test room for physical material testing, e.g. strength tests of textile…


The School has facilities for photography, such as photography studios, x-ray rooms, photo editing and dark rooms.


The workshops are run, maintained and updated by staff with a professional conservation background, who can counsel the students and support them at a highly professional level.