Serigrafi and Letterpress

School of Design

The School of Design's major educational area, visual communication, does not only work in digital universes. We are close to materials, and in the Serigraphy Workshop creative visualisation and concept development achieve a hands-on expression. This is where we test and develop designs in 1:1 scale, and students, teachers and researchers can work on the visualising of their tasks from the idea stage to presentation.

Student documents work with letterpress (Made by: Rasmus Krukkenlund)

Students work on printing on nearly every type of material: wood, metal, glass, cardboard, paper etc.. They get the opportunity to work with colours, which are luminescent, conductive, edible etc. Serigraphy is a method of printing, which can use various materials to print on materials, for which digital printing is unsuitable. The School of Design has a letterpress setup for work with exclusive printing methods, types and fonts.  

The workshop is run by a workshop manager with a professional design background, who can counsel the students and support them at a highly professional level on the subjects of paper and materials and with specialist knowledge about printing.