School of Design

SuperFormLab is an advanced workshop for 3D modelling, focusing on experiments in materials such as ceramics, plaster, concrete and glass.

SuperFormLab is a focal point for the development of the School of Design's ceramics area, but enables a range of cross-curricular collaboration, in which experimental interaction with materials helps to create new approaches to design solutions. SuperFormLab is:

  • A test environment for the development of form and innovation in the field of construction-related elements - building components of different scales in ceramic, glass etc.
  • A workshop for the integration of the artistic use of ceramic/glass in architecture in a very broad sense. This includes the artistic, decorative element of architecture (the ornamentation of buildings, decoration, walls, floors, exterior façades etc.) 
  • A workshop and laboratory for the use of ceramic, glass and related materials in the product context, including high-tech ceramics and glass. 
  • A “sand box” for technological innovation: integration and development of analogue-/digitally based development and production. For experimental product development and new ways, in which to use materials. 
  • A laboratory for a number of external business and collaborative relationships, large networks and new, international collaborative projects.


The workshop is run by a workshop manager with a professional design background, who can counsel the students and support them at a highly professional level.