Åben forelæsning: typ.dk//04: Dan Reynolds

Auditorium 2
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 51
1435 København K
Free, open for all

typ.dk invites you to a public lecture with Dan Reynolds. The lecture is called The Full Story of the German Modernist Movement in relation to Typography.

Many graphic design history texts present German Modernism as a specific narrative. Beginning with art nouveau architects and commercial artists, the story progresses linearly to the Bauhaus and then onward to postwar Swiss Modernism. Digressions may arise for the German Werkbund, iconic typefaces like Futura or – at the very end of the story – the school of design at Ulm. These summaries overlook both the fertile years for German designers prior to the First World War, as well as the multi-polar education landscape of the ’20s and ’30s. During that time, the most interesting and influential work in typeface design and typography was not performed in Weimar and Dessau (the Bauhaus cities) but elsewhere, such as in Leipzig, Munich, Offenbach, Stuttgart or Vienna. This presentation will propose a more nuanced understanding of type inside the German modernist movement with the help of images and books already published in the English and German languages.

Dan Reynolds is an American type designer living in Berlin. He researches and teaches about typography and its history at the Braunschweig University of Art. Additionally, he has conducted courses and workshops on type design in Ahmedabad, Berlin, Darmstadt, Halle, Hamburg, Paris and Saarbrücken. Dan regularly presents on topics relating to early 20th century German type founding at conferences like the ATypI and

Dan Reynolds