Food and the City

15:00 - 17:00
Auditorium 2
Philip De Langes Alle 10
1435 København K

I forlængelse af udstillingen ’Cirkulær Økonomi i arkitektur og design’ præsenterer KADK en åben seminarrække, der blandt andet vil sætte fokus på emner som arkitekturens samspil med naturen og cirkulær design. Seminarrækken trækker på viden og erfaring fra nogle af verdens førende arkitekter og designere på området, der er inviteret til at tale om deres arbejde på det cirkulære felt. 

We live in cities. Food is produced in the countryside. Or so we are used to think. But what is the future relation of cities and food production? Can architecture invent new ways of integrating farming and city life? What is the importance of food production for the liveability and sustainability of cities? 

This lecture is conducted by Sinus Lynge, Partner of EFFEKT, Jeff Risom, Partner and Managing Director at Gehl, and Nee Rentz-Petersen from KADK. In the lecture they will provide danish and global perspectives on the interactions of urban living and food production. Sinus Lynge will present EFFEKT’s ReGen Villages that aims to do for eco-villages what Tesla has done for electric cars. Jeff Risom will provide a global perspective on food production as a driver of urban culture. Nee Rentz-Petersen will discuss how and to what extent food production can be taken to scale in urban environments and industrial areas. The talks will be followed by a debate on the future relation of food and the city as a dual question of sustainability and liveability. 

Good buildings on a small planet

/ Four seminars on sustainable architecture

The new book Good buildings on a small planet portrays eight Danish architects who are currently pushing the boundaries of sustainable architecture. In four public seminars KADK and author Rasmus Rune Nielsen have invited the architects of the book and other eminent thinkers and doers to present recent work and discuss how architecture can create the everyday framework for the green transition. It is about bringing the circular economy to life, designing with nature to promote community, reinventing food production as a part of city life and taking the Nordic design tradition into the future. Simply put. It is about designing good buildings on a small planet.

This lecture will be held in english and takes place in Auditorium 2 at KADK.