Foredrag: Shaping Livable Cities ved landskabsarkitekt Herbert Dreiseitl

Auditorium 5
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 53
1435 København K

KADK inviterer i samarbejde med Danske Landskabsarkitekter til forelæsning med den internationalt anerkendte landskabsarkitekt og “klimatilpasningsekspert” Herbert Dreiseitl, direktør i Rambøll Liveable Cities Lab og grundlægger af Atelier Dreiseitl.

Efter foredraget afholder Danske Landskabsarkitekter general-forsamling kl. 15.30-19.00 og derefter vil der være fælles middag i Arkitektskolens kantine. Foredraget er for alle og kræver ikke tilmelding. Tilmelding til generalforsamling via, senest mandag den 9. marts 2015.
Vi glæder os til at se dig på KADK i auditorium 5.

Abstract:“Shaping Liveable Cities - The Art to Integrate Blue, Green and Social”

Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl, director, Rambøll Liveable Cities Lab

What is Liveability in today’s context and how to achieve this in ever more dense urban spaces? What functions and qualities do they need to fulfill the social needs of our society and on top can we practice resource protection, filter, clean and regulate water supply, practice climate mitigation, balance temperature, produce clean air and increase bio-habitat as well?

Natural structures work with resilient principles. They are living systems. Our cities, on the other hand, are often inflexible and therefore cannot adapt quick enough to changing conditions. We cannot afford this dilemma in the future and seamless solutions between buildings and open space need to be developed.

It seems that we have all the necessary technology and knowledge available today but still there is a lack of implementation. Therefore engagement of people, good governance, political empowerment and stakeholder capital investment is crucial. Priorities of values and arguments have to be found to force us to better integrate blue, green and social infrastructures. In this way cities can become more sustainable, resilient and much more liveable and vibrant.

Foto: The Bishan Park, Atelier Dreiseitl, © Dreiseitl