International Lecture: Climatewalks and flows

Room A3 (ground floor at entrance A)
Philip de Langes Allé 10
1435 København K

Climatewalks and flows by Daniele Santucci (TU Munich), with Introduction of Emanuele Naboni (KADK).

Microclimate has among further key factors a fundamental influence on how people occupy and use public spaces in urban environments. Comfort evaluation of outdoor spaces is essential since they accommodate daily pedestrian traffic and various outdoor activities, also they contribute largely to urban liveability and vitality.

In the workshop, the idea od Climatewalks is introduced. These are a series of field experiments that combine a geo- referenced technique for outdoor comfort mapping with physiological and psychological information, generating a novel approach to monitor environmental parameters as well as human respond to varying outdoor conditions.

Daniele Santucci is a practising architect, building scientist, and educator. His research expertise is in environmental engineering and sustainable design focusing on energy modelling, passive climate control strategies and performance driven design workflows in both urban and architectural scale. His principal research line is focusing on urban microclimate and outdoor comfort in urban space. Daniele is member of the Architecture Research Incubator of the Faculty of Architecture of TUM and is Doctoral Candidate at the TUM Graduate School. Daniele has been appointed visiting research fellow at the Senseable City Lab at MIT.