Masterclass in Glass: Catching the sense of motion

09.09.2018 - 14.09.2018
The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design, Bornholm
Stenbrudsvej 43
3730 Nexø

Explore the potential of glassblowing and hot-sculpting in a team. The class will focus on glassblowing and hot-glass sculpting. By exploring what gives a static object a sense of motion, or a hint of life, we will be challenging new ways of understanding the technical challenges that working off-center presents.

This class is ideal for you, if you are seeking new methods to strengthen your skills. Teamwork and timing is essential to this process, and will allow students to assemble complex forms and thereby challenge a new curiosity and understanding of the material. You will develop a further understanding of your personal and artistic expression in glass.   

The hot shop is open for participants from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon. Students are welcome to use the kilns and tools at the glass department.

Raven Skyriver - Teacher

Artists quote:

My work is almost exclusively derived from the marine ecosystem. I attempt to place the creatures back in their environment by capturing the fluid nature of molten glass and transferring it into the perceived weightlessness of a swimming creature. I always strive to imbue the work with a hint of life.

Raven grew up on a small island in a rural setting. This upbringing gave him a deep appreciation for the natural world, and the host of amazing and diverse animals that inhabit it. This continued wonder and appreciation informs the work that he makes today. Raven has taught and exhibited across the United States, and has been invited to exhibit and teach in Japan, Turkey, Denmark, and Norway.  

Tuition and fees
The total fee is € 920 (6,900 Danish kroner). The fee covers instruction, dormitory housing, meals and the cost of basic supplies and materials. The amount is calculated on the basis that 2 participants share a double room.

If you prefer other conditions, then this will be associated with an additional amount.

There will be an opportunity to stay in your room during the following weekend at very favorable price. The European Ceramic Context, will be presenting the best of European contemporary ceramics, and are likely to have openings on Saturday, September 15th 2018 on the island.                           

Application deadline is May 31st, 2018

Requirements - Participation

Applicants should have at least two years of blowing experience. No prior sculpting experience is required. 

How to apply:
We will need following information from you: Your name, date of birth, address, city and country, phone number and email address. 

Your background: Education, profession and experience in glass.
Brief motivation letter, attached with 1-3 images of your own work and anything else regarding your application that you find relevant. 

Please send the application to email:

The application should be sent under the title "Master Class - Bornholm"

Final selection

June 11th 2018 you will be informed if you have been selected to join the master class. Payment of tuition fee, must be paid before 1st July 2018. Payment instructions will be send shortly after the selection has been finalised. 

After the payment you will receive an introduction letter explaining more details about preparations, and what to bring to the course. 

The master class takes place at The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design on Bornholm in Denmark.This master class is offered in collaboration with the Bornholm Folk High School,which will provide accommodation with a homely atmosphere during your stay.  

The Folk High School is located 13 km from KADK, The school of Design. Transportation is included in the fee. 

The Craft – Glass and Ceramics bachelor program on Bornholm, is being taught in English and is rooted in the Danish design tradition, which focuses on craft in a material- based way. We are also very proud to announce that Bornholm since September 2017, has been given the title as being a "World Craft Region", as the first location in Europe.  

Bornholm is a beautiful island, surrounded by the Baltic Sea and with widely varying countryside: kilometres of silvery beaches alongside the south coast, steep rocky coast to the north. 

Klippen, Bornholm

Traveling to Bornholm

You can reach the island by ferry or airplane. There are express coach and train services from central Copenhagen to the main town Rønne on Bornholm. Further information will follow if and when you are selected.

Excursion In addition to this, an evening trip is being planned to show you selected places where you will meet some of the artisans of Bornholm in their own surroundings.


Please contact Raven Skyriver: - if you have questions in regards to teaching.

Please contact Bente Larsen:  if you have questions in regards to food and housing.

Please contact The Royal Danish Design school, Bornholm: if you have questions in regards to the workshop. 

We will be looking forward to see you!