Second thought - seeing the same-different thing again, anew

16:00 - 17:00
Philip De Langes Alle 10
1435 København K

Open lecture at KADK by architect John Glew, UK.

In over a 20 year period my direct experience of Copenhagen is one of a very large, intimate – at times anonymous– room-like-interior, one designed to heighten the visual experience with a drawn-like care; one of beautiful, Sitte-esque spaces and an attention to details at many scales; a place where architecture is practiced as a social art.

My photography of it makes more visible the observations I heard. I share this with all of my own designs; buildings, landscapes, interiors and gardens and objects, seen for both themselves and what they represent –without-words. Work to be seen in the mind’s eye, where both the familiar and abstract can be recognized and enjoyed –intensified by artistry and the imagination– all situated in the world around from which it is drawn; places where we can become more present and observe ourselves. This talk will promote the visual. 

The lecture is part of the ‘Strangely Familiar’ lecture series arranged by MA Spatial Design, Institute of Architecture and Design.