Holmen Now! #4 :Siri Byrkjedal 31/1 2019, kl. 16-17

Holmen Now! #4 presents: Siri Byrkjedal fra Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium

Thursday 31 January 2019 we will be joined by the talented Siri Byrkjedal from Norway, studying at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory.
The concert will be held at KADK library, at 16-17, with free drinks and snacks as always. Come along and support the creative community at Holmen. We look forward to see you!


 Siri Byrkjedal:
‘I think of myself as an activist, but I don’t act’ - a phrase from Siri Byrkjedals song ‘I don’t March’.
This thought and a wish to use music as a political voice, was the beginning of Siris solo project.

The project is based on the singer/songwriter tradition, with lyrics that adresses current political subjects, a resentment for injustice and a deep love for the nature. The lyrics are carried by a lyrical, spacious and open musical universe with strong melodies and a mellow, but determent voice. After one year of composing, writing and seeking input, Siri is now recording her debut album.


 Holmen Now! is a recurring event open to students from all the artistic schools at Holmen. Our aim is to connect the creative students at Holmen closer together through social and professional collaborations and experiences