Holmen Now! #5 : From Where I'd Rather Be

Calum Builder and his ensemble ' From Where I'd Rather Be ' plays at KADK library, 14 March 2019, 16:00-17:00.

Thursday 14 March 2019 we will be joined by the ensemble ‘From Where I’d Rather Be’ led by the Australian woodwind player Calum Builder studying at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory.

The concert will be held at KADK library, at 16-17, with free drinks and snacks as always.
Come along and support the creative community at Holmen. We look forward to see you!

‘From Where I’d Rather Be’ performs music inspired by stories and narratives.
The performance is based on this story entitled Deep Calls To Deep:

A young boy is wandering through a forest when he comes to a clearing, overlooking the sea. Peering over the cliffs, he spots a cave and is immediately drawn to it.

Hesitantly, the boy enters the cave and is met with a mysterious voice. Taking a liking to the boy the voice offers him one thing, to ‘remove that which he fears the most’.

Fearing death, the boy asks for immortality. After leaving the cave the boy grows up, not realising until much later the implications of true immortality. Having watched his loved ones pass on he is driven mad by his immortality and spends his later years trying to find the cave. Unable to find the cave the old man has resigned himself to immortality, however, an unlikely friendship with a young boy renews hope that the cave can be found once again.

With the help of the young boy, the pair are able to find the cave and confront the mysterious voice. Angry at the old man's disregard for the gift of immortality the voice commands the water in the cave rise up. The old man sacrifices himself to the water to save the young boy who has helped him finally find peace.

The collective storytellers will be
Jan Kaderiet: Drums/Percussion
Thibault Gomez: Piano
Mané Fernandes: Guitar
Erik Kimestad Pedersen: Trumpet
Calum Builder: Woodwinds


 Holmen Now! is a recurring event open to students from all the artistic schools at Holmen. Our aim is to connect the creative students at Holmen closer together through social and professional collaborations and experiences