International omtale af KADK i Architectural Review

KADK Indblik

Det ansete tidsskrift Architectural Review har lavet et stort og spændende portræt af professor Christoffer Harlang og hans studerendes arbejder på kandidatprogrammet ’Kulturarv, Transformation og Restaurering’.

Interviewet i Architectural Review er særdeles fyldigt med mange spørgsmål og grundige beskrivelser af de studerendes projekter i ord og billeder.

Vi har samlet et par hurtige citater fra interviewet herunder, men vil egentlig opfordre til at gå direkte til kilden og læse hele portrættet.

Christoffer Harlang
I think I started as a teacher because I loved the atmosphere at the Royal Academy and because I knew that it was the best way to improve my own skills as an architect. Today I teach because the students inspire me in so many ways. These young people constitute enormous collective energy.
Christoffer Harlang
Project Title: Small Movements – A Transformation of Raadmansgade 14, Completed: May 2012, Student: Julia With
I believe the best way to work with a project is to base it on an empathic and open-minded approach.
Julia With (studerende)
Project Title: Interweaving Old and New in Wedding, Berlin, Completed: 2013, Student: Mette Johanne Hübschmann
Generally you could say that one thing I learnt throughout my studies at the CTR is that you don’t need to invent something new to create a place with a character, you only need to engage with the project and its context in an authentic way.
Mette Johanne Hübschmann (studerende)
Project Title: Hansen and Hanssted: an addition, Completed: January 2013, Student: Even Olstad
I start every project by analysing possibilities and shortfalls, and follow opportunities to their natural conclusion. It is a liberating way to work, and has made me feel more like a gardener, helping my projects grow, than a shepherd, herding unruly projects to a destination.
Even Olstad (studerende)
Project Title: Transformation Berlin, Completed: 2010, Students: Victor Boye Julebäk and Ask Anker Aistrup
I want my work to be informed by a sensitivity to experience – an awareness of specific atmospheres through the physical qualities of architecture.
Victor Boye Julebäk and Ask Anker Aistrup