Nye bøger i april/maj 2019

Her et udpluk af de nye bøger på KADK biblioteket i april/maj 2019 ( Foto:Pixabay.com)

Et udpluk af de nye bøger på KADK bibliotekets hylder i april/maj 2019:

Williams, Austin, and Xin, Zhang. New Chinese Architecture, Twenty Women Building the Future, 2019.

Viction:ary. Flora & Fauna, Design Inspired by Nature, 2018

Keeton, Rachel, and Provoost, Michelle. Urban Africa, A History and a Manual, 2019

Massey, Anne, and Seago, Alex. Pop Art and Design, 2018

Healy, Kieran. Data Visualization, a Practical Introduction, 2019

Sigbrand, Lone, Bredmose, Annette, Henrik Jensen, Philip, Kirkeby, Inge Mette, Lygum, Victoria Linn, Mathiasen, Nanet, and Aalborg Universitet, Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut. Plejeboliger for Personer Med Demens - Detaljer Og Eksempler 263 (2019).

Bollerey, Franziska. Setting the Stage for Modernity, Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants, Trendsetter Der Moderne, Places of Pleasure and Leisure, Orte Des Genusses Und Der Freizeit, 2019.

Waterson, Merlin, and Morrison, Ian. Rescue & Reuse, Communities, Heritage and Architecture, 2019.

Unwin, Simon. Children as Place-makers, The Innate Architect in All of Us, 2019

Zimm, Malin, and Keiser, Mark. Make Sense, Architecture by White, 2019

Gwilt, Alison, Payne, Alice, and Rüthschilling, Evelise Anicet. Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion, 2019.

Reed, T. V. The Art of Protest. Culture and Activism from the Civil Rights Movement to the Present, T. V. Reed, 2019.

Spicer, Gwen. Magnetic Mounting for Museums & Cultural Institutions, How to Create a Magnetic System. MAgnetic Behaviour Explained.Safe Methods for Mounting Without Damaging Artifacts., 2019

Joelson, Jo. Library of Light, Encounters with Artists and Designers, 2019

Rudd, Damien, and Coulon, Cécile. Triste Tropique, Topographies of Sadness 5 (2018).

Hofmeister, Sandra, Steiner, Dietmar, Jocher, Thomas, Pawlitschko, Roland, and Hartl, Benedikt, Architect. Affordable Housing, Cost-effective Models for the Future, 2018.

Khazindar, Mona. Visions from Abroad, Historical and Contemporary Representations of Arabia, 2019.

Togelius, Julian. Playing Smart, On Games, Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, 2018.

Lozanovska, Mirjana. Migrant Housing, Architecture, Dwelling, Migration, 2019.

McLeod, Virginia, and Snøhetta. Snøhetta, Collective Intuition, 2019