Nye bøger i december 2018

Her et udpluk af de nye bøger på KADK bibliotekets hylder, december 2018 (Foto: Pixabay.com)

Nyt på KADK bibliotekets hylder. Et udpluk: December 2018.

Bissell, David. Transit Life, How Commuting Is Transforming Our Cities, 2018
Opstilling: 5588 B

Sellers, Libby. Women Design, Pioneers in Architecture, Industrial, Graphic and Digital Design from the Twentieth Century to the Present Day, 2018.
Opstilling: 7011 S

Brenner, Klaus Theo, Wüst, Ulrich, and Biermann, Dirk. Silent Rooms, 2018
Opstilling: 7900 S

Wöhr, Simon, Hoor, Maximilian, Ratilainen, Perttu, and Paper Planes, Editor. Radbahn Berlin, Future Visions for the Ecomobile City, 2018.
Opstilling: 5532 Berlin

Burrison, John A. Global Clay, Themes in World Ceramic Traditions, 2017.
Opstilling: 7201 B

Furniss, Maureen. A New History of Animation, 2016.
Opstilling: 7910 F

Morlok, Franziska, and Waszelewski, Miriam. Bookbinding, A Comprehensive Guide to Folding, Sewing, & Binding, 2018.
Opstilling: 7721 M

Ranzato, Marco, Moretto, Luisa, and Khan, Ahmed Z. Metabolism of an Emerging Town in Ethiopia, The Case of Amdework, 2018.
Opstilling: 5490 M

Pare, Richard, and Cohen, Jean-Louis. Le Corbusier, The Buildings, 2018
Opstilling: 9510 P

Folman, Ari, Frank, Anne, and Polonsky, David. Anne Frank's Diary, The Graphic Adaptation, 2018.
Opstilling: 7725 F