Nye bøger i juni/juli/august 2019

Se de nye bøger på KADK bibliotekets hylder sommer 2019 (Foto:Pixabay.com)

Sommer, sol og nye bøger på KADK biblioteket!
Her er 25 af de gode.

 1).Bjone, Christian. Almost Nothing, 100 Artists Comment on the Work of Mies Van Der Rohe, 2019

 2).Peters, Sascha, and Drewes, Diana. Materials in Progress, Innovations for Designers and Architects, 2019

 3).Leeb, Franziska, and Lenz, Gabriele. Querkraft – Livin’ Architecture, Architektur Leben, 2019

 4).Cantarella, Luke, Hegel, Christine, and Marcus, George E. Etnography by Design, Scenographic Experiments in Fieldwork, 2019

 5).Clarricoates, Rhiannon, Dowding, Helen, and Wright, Adele. Interactions of Water with Paintings, 2019

 6).Cannon, Frances, Leslie, Esther, and Bukatman, Scott. Walter Benjamin Reimagined, A Graphic Translation of Poetry, Prose, Aphorisms, and Dreams, 2019

 7).Eisenschmidt, Alexander. The Good Metropolis, From Urban Formlessness to Metropolitan Architecture, 2019

 8).Bolt, Mikkel. Avantgardemanifester, 2018

 9).Yamamoto, Seiichiro. An Illustrated Guide to Japanese Traditional Architecture and Everyday Things, 2018

10).Rutzerveld, Chloé. Food Futures, How Design and Technology Can Reshape Our Food System, 2018.

11).Semmelhack, Elizabeth. Shoes, The Meaning of Style, 2017

12).Hudert, Markus, and Pfeiffer, Sven. Rethinking Wood. Future Dimensions of Timber Assembly, 2019

13).Moses, Nalina. Single-handedly, Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand, 2019

14).Wilkinson, Clive. The Theatre of Work, 2019

15).Cité Du Design, Clear Village, and Franc, Josyane. Challenging the City Scale, Journeys in People-Centred Design, 2018

16).Grünberger, Christoph. Analog Algorith, Source-related Grid Systems, 2019

17).Hyde, Timothy. Ugliness and Judgment, On Architecture in the Public Eye, 2019

18).Newport, Cal. Digital Minimalism, Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World, 2019

19).Stein, Joshua David, and Rothman, Julia. Brick, Who Found Herself in Architecture, 2018

20).Jones, Will. Making Marks, Architects' Sketchbooks – The Creative Process, 2019

21).Sandhaus, Louise, and Catmur, Kat. A Colorful Life, Gere Kavanaugh, Designer, 2019

22).Steinhardt, Nancy Shatzman. Chinese Architecture, A History, 2019

23).Cornely, Berthold. Das Färben Von Papier, Ein Handbuch Für Den Papierfärber, 2014

24).Rose, Jonathan, Caples, Sara, Jefferson, Everardo, Rappaport, Nina, and Kim, Jenny. Harlem: Mart 125 12 (2018

25).Uffelen, Chris Van. Stay Overnight, Hospitality Design in Repurposed Walls, 2019