Nye bøger i marts 2019

Se nogle af de nye bøger på KADK bibliotekets hylder i marts 2019 (Foto:Pixabay.com)

Udpluk af de nyeste bøger på bibliotekets hylder:

Thompson, James. Narratives of Architectural Education, From Student to Architect, 2019

Stewart, John. Twentieth Century Town Halls, Architecture of Democracy, 2019

Browne, Jemma, Frost, Christian, and Lucas, Ray. Architecture, Festival and the City Volume 14 (2019).

Rissanen, Timo, and McQuillan, Holly. Zero Waste Fashion Design, Timo Rissanen, Holly McQuillan, 2016

Kalms, Nicole. Hypersexual City, The Provocation of Soft-Core Urbanism, 2017

Clemente, Maria Claudia, Isidori, Francesco, and Casciani, Stefano. Labics Structures, 2018.

Walsh, Christopher. Stop Motion Filmmaking, The Complete Guide to Fabrication and Animation, 2019

Boddice, Rob. A History of Feelings, 2019

Clarke, Alison J., and Shapira, Elana. Émigré Cultures in Design and Architecture, 2017

Trogal, Kim, Bauman, Irena, Lawrence, Ranald, and Petrescu, Doina. Architecture and Resilience, Interdisciplinary Dialogues, 2019

Borden, Iain. Skateboarding and the City, A Complete History, 2019.

Jensen, Thomas Bo. Per Kirkeby - Arkitektur, 2019

Harper, Kristine H. Aesthetic Sustainability, Product Design and Sustainable Usage, 2017.

Croft, Catherine, Macdonald, Susan, and Ostergren, Gail. Concrete, Case Studies in Conservation Practice, 2018.

Atelier Brückner. Scenography 2, Staging the Space. Projects and Philosophy 1997-2018, Szenografie 2. Der Inszenierte Raum, 2019.