Nye bøger i november/december 2019

Se nogle af de nye bøger på KADK bibliotekets hylder november/december 2019 (Foto:Pixabay.com)

Udpluk af KADK bibliotekets nye bøger, november-december 2019:


Yeang, Ken. Saving The Planet By Design, Reinventing Our World Through Ecomimesis, 2019.

Lind, Jakob. Solar Egg, Bigert & Bergström, Riksbyggen, 2019.

Garutti, Francesco, and Centre Canadien D'architecture. Our Happy Life, Life Architecture and Well-Being in the Age of Emotional Capitalism, Edited by Francesco Garutti, 2019.

Schlömer, Rüdiger. Typographic Knitting, From Pixel to Pattern, 2020.

Whitehead, Jean. Creating Interior Atmosphere, Mise-en-scène and Interior Design, 2018.

Douglas, Gordon C. C. The Help-yourself City, Legitimacy and Inequality in DIY Urbanism, 2018.

Schultz Jørgensen, Peter. Byernes Jord, 2019.

Lazzara, Giuseppe, and Fakhrullin, Rawil F. Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials for Diagnostic, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, 2019.

Ellong, Epée, Chehab-Epée, Diane, and Travis, Jack. The African Dwelling, From Traditional to Western Style Homes, 2019.

Fiell, Charlotte, and Fiell, Clementine. Women in Design, From Aino Aalto to Eva Zeisel, 2019.

Lytken, Malene. Danske Lamper - 1920 Til Nu, 2019.

Jelley, Jane. Traces of Vermeer, 2017.

Charney, Noah. The Museum of Lost Art, 2018.

Brekke, Nils Georg, Lexau, Siri Skjold, and Nordhagen, Per Jonas. Architecture in Norway. An Architectural History from Stone Age to the 21st Century, 2019.

St. Clair, Kassia. The Golden Thread, How Fabric Changed History, 2018.

Papanek, Victor. Design for the Real World, 2019.

Strange, Clayton. Monotown, Urban Dreams Brutal Imperatives, 2019.

Steierhoffer, Eszter. Imagine Moscow, Architecture Propaganda Revolution, 2019.

Booth, Abigail. The Wild Dyer, A Maker's Guide to Natural Dyes with Projects to Create and Stitch, 2019.

Appelbaum, Barbara. Preserve, Protect, and Defend, A Practical Guide to the Care of Collections, 2018.

Oddy, Jason, and Henni, Samia. The Revolution Will Be Stopped Halfway, Oscar Niemeyer in Algiera, 2019.