Nye bøger i september/oktober 2019

Tjek de nye bøger på KADK bibliotekets hylder (Foto:Congerdesign på pixabay.com)

Et udpluk af nye bøger på hylderne i september/oktober 2019:

Maas, Winy, Salij, Tihamér Hazarja, and Why Factory. Towers of Choices, Hong Kong Housing Beyond Uniformity, 2019.

Pronkhorst, Annuska, Provoost, Michelle, and Vanstiphout, Wouter. City of Comings and Goings, 2019.

Thomas, Dana. Fashionopolis, the Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes, 2019.

Deutinger, Theo. Ultimate Atlas. Logbook of Spaceship Earth, 2019

Klein, Naomi. On Fire, The Burning Case for a Green New Deal, 2019.

Dossi, Daniela, and Design Museum Gent, Host Institution. Hybrid Heads, A Decoding Method to Design Open Narratives and Dynamic Identities, 2019.

Keith, Vanessa, Schlachter, Mary-Jo, Keith, Novella E, Shapiro, Anna, and Studioteka. 2100, A Dystopian Utopia, The City after Climate Change UR03 (2017).

Olwig, Kenneth R. The Meanings of Landscape, Essays on Place, Space, Environment and Justice, 2019.

Cox, Paul. Paul Cox, Design and Art, 2018.

Oxvig, Henrik, Søberg, Martin, Bäcklund, Jan, and Renner, Michael. What Images Do, 2019.

Henderson, Jason, and Gulsrud, Natalie Marie. Street Fights in Copenhagen, Bicycle and Car Politics in a Green Mobility City, 2019.

Stuart, Amanda Mackenzie. Empress of Fashion, Diana Vreeland, 2019.

Meuser, Paul and Balashova, Galina. Moon, Architectural Guide, 2019

Scharmen, Fred. Space Settlements, 2019.

Fair, Alistair. Play On, Contemporary Theatre Architecture in Britain, 2019.

Stone, Sally. UnDoing Buildings, Adaptive Reuse and Cultural Memory, 2019.

Ifversen, Karsten, and Lindhe, Jens. Kapitalen, København under Forvandling, 2019.

Podair, Jerald. City of Dreams, Dodger Stadium and the Birth of Modern Los Angeles, 2019.

Whittlesea, Ian. On Colour, 2019.

Hartmann-Petersen, Preben. Almen, Uorganisk Og Organisk Kemi, 2017.

Bain, Rowan, and Victoria Albert Museum. William Morris's Flowers, 2019.

Uffelen, Chris Van. Wood Works, Sustainability, Versatility, Stability, 2019.

Kjær, Ulla, Bregnsbo, Michael, Pedersen, Eva De La Fuente, Røllum-Larsen, Claus, Thyssen, Peter, and Fortuna, Roberto. Holmens Kirke, 2019.

Costa, Virginia. Modern Metals in Cultural Heritage. Understanding and Characterization, 2019.

Gumuchdjian, Philip. Sensing Place, What's the Point of Architecture?, 2019.