TNT! Tyve Nye Titler i januar

Se nogle af de nye bøger på KADK bibliotekets hylder i januar (Foto.

Nye bøger på KADK bibliotekets hylder i januar 2019 - et udpluk

Batty, Michael. Inventing Future Cities, 2018

Scalbert, Irénée. A Real Living Contact with the Things Themselves, Essays on Architecture, 2018.

Birch, Ian. Uncovered, Revolutionary Magazine Covers, the Inside Stories Told by the People Who Made Them, 2018

Meinhof, Ulrike, and Bauer, Karin. Everybody Talks about the Weather - We Don't, the Writings of Ulrike Meinhof, Edited, with an Introduction by Karin Bauer, Preface by Elfriede Jelinek, 2008.

Albus, Jutta, and Meuser, Phillip. Construction and Design Manual, Prefabricated Housing, 2018.

Giloux, Pierre Jean, During, Elie, Luquet-Gad, Ingrid, Musso, Pierre, Romagny, Vincent, and Tardits, Manuel. Pierre Jean Giloux, Invisible Cities, 2018..

Bruce, Mark. On Choreography & Making Dance Theatre, 2018

Bertaud, Alain. Order without Design, How Markets Shape Cities, 2018

Bjørn, Anders, and Lytthans, Jane. Christianshavnerliv Gennem 400 år, 2018.

Wilford, Lauren, and Stenevson, Ryan. Isle of Dogs, The Wes Anderson Collection, 2018.

Blau, Eve, and Rupnik, Ivan. Baku. Oil and Urbanism, 2018.

Napier, Susan. Miyazakiworld, A Life in Art, 2018.

Jones, Chris. Rise Up!, Broadway and American Society from Angels in America to Hamilton, Chris Jones, 2018.

Heinrich, Anselm. Theatre in Europe under German Occupation, Anselm Heinrich, 2018.

Meuser, Philipp, Pogade, Daniela, and Tobolla, Jennifer. Accessibility and Wayfinding, Construction and Design Manual, 2019

Edwards, Nina. Darkness, A Cultural History, 2018.

Bay, Anne. Lysdesignbogen, 2018.

Maleschka, Martin. Baubezogene Kunst. DDR, Kunst Im öffentlichen Raum 1950 Bis 1990, 2018.

Elhøj, Jan, and Kirckhoff, Morten. De Forladte Danske Hjem, 2018.

Prochazka, Elsa. Elsa Prochazka - Architectureality, Raum & Design Stragegien, Space & Design Strategies, 2018.