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As KADK students from this masters programme you will graduate as a Master of Arts in Architecture or Design, with specific focus on prospective challenges and opportunities in a changing society.    

The programme is built upon the understanding that no one can solve complex challenges on their own, and that the future is in need of architects and designers that can navigate and create change through a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of design and architecture. This is why the entire programme is structured around project-based modules where you get to work with actual companies and organisations and real world challenges, in collaboration with students of social science from Copenhagen Business School/CBS. 

Collaborative projects are undertaken in groups of students from both KADK and CBS, divided according to the profiles of the architecture and design students. The programme is specifically directed at facilitating the exchange of knowledge between design, architecture and management into fruitful and constructive meetings through design thinking methods for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

For KADK students, all project work is supervised by studio teachers within their specific branch of design and architecture. 


The Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship programme is developed as a joint master programme between KADK & Copenhagen Business School. Each institution contributes to the programme, including research, knowledge, teaching, facilities, materials and exams. An equal number of students from KADK and CBS will secure a balanced work environment for collaboration. 

Knowledge, theory and methods will be provided through seminars, lectures, supervision, studio teaching, exercises and workshops. Experiences will be gained through engaging in fieldwork and user studies, group work, interventions and other collaborative activities, as well as through academic analysis, project framing and the making of project proposals; sketching, concept development and prototyping. 

There is a strong focus on critical reflection through process documentation, presentations, reports and meta-reflection sessions.


Over the course of the 4 semesters you will obtain knowledge about business models and organisational strategies based upon tools from design thinking such as user- and stakeholder facilitation, design processes for innovation, user-inclusive approaches to design, as well as, design approaches for sustainability in the broadest understanding of the word. 

This way you will learn how to position your own project work strategically through working actively together with business- and management students with approaches such as stakeholder involvement, funding, future scenario testing and communication through design and architecture. You will learn how to explain your design process and interact in cross-disciplinary collaborations with knowledge and awareness of your own role and competences as a designer or architect. 

The Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship programme is organised over four semesters with the following structure:

Semester 1

  • Collaborative Design Processes: taught by KADK, for all students
  • Entrepreneurship and the creation of new forms: taught by CBS, for all students
  • Studio Work: taught by KADK, for KADK students (CBS students: course at CBS)

Semester 2

  • Strategic Design and Project Management: taught by KADK and CBS, for all students
  • Design Business in Society: taught by CBS, for alle students
  • Studio Work: taught by KADK, for KADK students (CBS students: course at CBS)

Semester 3

  • Written assignment + project proposal: taught by KADK, for KADK students (CBS students electives/internship)

Semester 4

  • Diploma: taught by KADK, for KADK students


Antal studerende

An equal number of students from KADK and CBS will secure an even work environment and true collaboration.


Successful participants of the program will obtain the following degrees:


  • cand. arch/Master of Arts (MA) in Architecture - Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship
  • cand. des/ Master of Arts  (MA)in Design - Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship



  • MSs Social Science – Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship

The course will be taught in English.

Kontakt optagelsesteamet

Kontakt optagelsesteamet

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