Architecture and Extreme Environments

Biological wall for temperature control, Manaus - Brazil
Dealing with habitation and malaria mosquitoes in the Amazon
Frozen textile structures in the Arctic, Svalbard
Exploring the Yellow River polution, Lanzhou - China
Floating Amazon malaria Clinic
Prototype for dust attraction panel, Lanzhou - China
Testing recycled plastic insulation system, Iceland
Bacteria sand binding brick test, Lanzhou - China
Algae as pollution cleaner facade prototype, Lanzhou - China
Flood proof ferry terminal, Manaus - Brazil

About Architecture and Extreme Environments

This Master programme pursues to explore the intersection between architecture, technology, culture and environment. Through a site-specific approach, we aim to respond to present and future global challenges through research by design and direct on-site involvement in the form of active expeditions to remote world locations.

In close collaboration with local communities, science and manufacturers, this Master course engages with architectural performance and the cultural impact of technology in our world.

We mediate our presence in our environment via technology, often disregarding the environmental and cultural impact. It is our intention to investigate the design potential in working with technology not only as a performance orientated design parameter, but also as a process charged with aesthetic potential and cultural implications.

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Afgangsprojekter fra Architecture and Extreme Environments

Dagbog fra Gobi

Dagbog fra Gobi

Et hold studerende besøgte i 2015 Gobi-ørkenen i Kina. Følg deres feltarbejde og få et indblik i deres oplevelser i "Dagbog fra Gobi". 



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