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Visual Game & Media Design is an intensive two-year programme for students wishing to do creative work in game design, visual media, and beyond. 

During the programme, you will continually combine the hands-on creation of digital games, animations, motion graphics and visual designs with innovative conceptual approaches to game design and storyworld design.

The programme teaches idea-generation, creative process, business models, and how to involve clients and users within both the game industry, in visual entertainment, storytelling, animation and motion graphics.

You will also learn to apply game, visual, and narrative perspectives to new areas such as app design, strategic design, service design and experience design.

You have the option of working a full semester with a large multidisciplinary team to create a game- or visual media production with students from other schools, or to work on a film project with students from the National Film School of Denmark.

The programme prepares students to work in the game industry, to start their own company, or to work in the larger fields of visual experience design, interaction design as well as in future media and future contexts. 

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The programme is taught in English.

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Kontakt optagelsesteamet

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