The Agricultural Community Center in Las Palomas, Nicaragua

Felix Dietsch
Spatial Design

Being used by peasant families of the community of Las Palomas (Nicaragua), the Agricultural Community Center has the goal to secure sales of regional agricultural goods, share processing and production facilities and generate sustainable development by different educational programs. As 'participation' is the key in order to reach those goals, the community has been involved in the evaluation of needs, the design-process and will strongly take part in the construction process itself - under supervision of a group of women, specialized in building with earth. A 5-week field trip to Nicaragua preceded this Master’s project.

The round corners of the entrance communicate its function [View from parking area]
The multi-purpose space is used for courses and workshops, fairs and exhibitions and other meetings [View under main roof]
The area between the toilet/shower and the main building is used as a botanical garden and orchard [View from the toilet/shower]
Workshop with the community
Workshop with the community
Expectations of members of the community
I 2017-19 satser KADK på FN’s verdensmål
Det afspejler sig i forskning, undervisning og afgangsprojekter. Dette projekt har forholdt sig til følgende FN-mål:
No poverty (1)
Zero hunger (2)
Good health and well-being (3)
Quality education (4)
Gender equality (5)
Clean water and sanitation (6)
Decent work and economic growth (8)
Reduced inequalities (10)
Sustainable cities and communities (11)
Responsible consumption and production (12)