Kirstine Elmhøj Hansen

All The Invisible Things is a co-design project with a focus on explorative design inquiries and experiments on how to create dialogue about mental ilness.

Words are sometime not covering, when it comes to explaining mental vulnerabilities. Therefore we tried to tell stories through materials, rather than words. With our project we want to create a relatable experience that can help people gain empathy with people challenged by vulnerable minds

Our motivation for doing this project stems from experiences with witnessing how people we love have struggled to explain what mental illness feels like in order for other people to understand it. Often people try to explain mental illness with metaphors, but what if we tried to create some of these metaphors in a material way, could it maybe help the understanding between people?

This project has been an experiment in what we chose to call material talk. We wanted to explore how we could use co-design methods in trying to create an experiential dialogue tool that could help people to experience what mental illness feels like. When we say a dialogue tool, we mean that we aim for an object that provokes reflections to broaden one’s perspective, which can feed into a more reflected dialogue.


I 2017-19 satser KADK på FN’s verdensmål
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