Simone Schmidt Adrian
Fashion Design

My graduate project, Assemble, challenges the gender neutral fashion.

Based upon a conceptual approach I'm trying to create a space - inspired by UN’s Sustainability Goal 5 on Gender Equality, to explore the relation between masculinity and femininity.




I see the diversity as a driving force in our society which plays an essential part to create and maintain equilibrium. 

The collection is designed for consumers who use fashion as a vehicle for communicating identity.
Final garments: Trenchcoats

I wish to reconsider unisex which is often something visually neutral, monochrome and oversize for a more distinct aesthetic that challenges gender stereotypes in an attempt to situate my work in the fluid boundaries between biological and socially constructed gender. 

"I am interested in creating a stronger link between consumer and garment for at more sustainable fashion future.

In this sense, I am also inspired by Goal 12 on Responsible Production and Consumption. My main tool for working towards this goal is a celebration of craft.

My use of small scale producers and traditional craftmanship demonstrates a dedication to materiality, experiment, raw expression and irregularity for a hopefully longer product life."

Photo: Noam Griegst
Photo: Noam Griegst
Photo: Noam Griegst
I 2017-19 satser KADK på FN’s verdensmål
Det afspejler sig i forskning, undervisning og afgangsprojekter. Dette projekt har forholdt sig til følgende FN-mål:
Gender equality (5)
Responsible consumption and production (12)